Canine Reproductive Services

The Monticello Pet Hospital would like to take this opportunity to share with you some of the unique services we provide at our facility.

Over the years we have seen an increasing need for canine fertility services in our region. As breeders ourselves, we understand the importance of a strong relationship with your veterinarian, based on trust and mutual goals. We have knowledgeable staff and the appropriate equipment in place to provide the information and tools breeders need to make quality decisions for their reproductive programs.

Every breed is unique and requires individual evaluations.   We value the breeder’s input and ideas regarding their dogs. We are here to work as a team when making decisions that will work best and result in healthy puppies, moms, dads, and future generations.

  • Same day Progesterone Assay 
  • Comprehensive Semen Evaluation 
  • Surgical Inseminations
  • Trans-Cervical Inseminations
  • Breeding Consultations
  • Semen Collection, Eval. and Chilled Extender Studies 
  • Digital RadiologyOFA submissions easily completed via internet transmission of radiographs, also clear defined images for puppy counts in the late stages of gestation.
  • Ultrasound
  • Neonatal Support: ICU incubator for newborn puppies, counseling and medical services to keep them going in the first moments of life.
  • C-Sections:  Our staff is prepared to deliver 1 or 12+ puppies in our modern and spacious surgical suite.  We provide high-quality support for moms and puppies during this critical time.
  • On-Call 24-hour Breeder Line:* When the following criteria are met this gives you access to us through our whelping after hours on-call services and support from a veterinarian 24/7 if any issues arise.
    • *Breeding consultation at least once a year.
    • *Ovulation timing.
    • *Ultrasound confirmation of pregnancy done by a veterinarian.
    • *Radiograph puppy count to ensure we have the proper number of staff members on call.